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GameDriver builds future with seed funding from Panoramic Ventures

GameDriver hits massive milestones

Recently, we secured $2 million dollars in seed funding from Panoramic Ventures, fronted by General Partner Dan Drechsel. This exciting update is something that has been roughly four years in the making for us, after introducing our automated testing solution in 2018. 

We also recently announced that we’ll be exhibiting at our first ever Game Developer Conference (GDC), which is another milestone that the founding members of GameDriver have been striving for. It’s not often that these sorts of achievements come in such close proximity to one another, but we’re so thankful that they have. 

With all of this exciting news in mind, here are a few key areas that we’re looking to hit the ground running on. 

More developers testing with GameDriver 

It might sound obvious, but this latest round of seed funding will go directly towards putting GameDriver licenses in the hands of more developers. Whether it’s a lean team of indie creatives or top-tier AAA studios, Panoramic Ventures’ contribution will ensure that we can help more teams understand the true benefits of automated testing, clear any misconceptions, and go hands-on with our suite of tools. 

GDC is also another opportunity to make this happen. With live demos running and the chance for attendees to get one-to-one time with our core team, we can showcase our value to the passionate, hardworking creators that make up interactive entertainment. It’s also a place to meet other like-minded people creating solutions that can improve the quality of life for developers and, of course, the quality of the games they make. 

We’ve recently been creating some buzz in news cycles, so to learn more information about the latest seed round, our future plans, and the story behind GameDriver, please take a look at an exclusive interview with our co-founders, as well as the latest press release that hit the wires. 

Growing the GameDriver team

Well, we did say there are multiple ways in which we’re growing! One key component of our expansion is our team. We’re looking to fill several positions including a product marketing manager, software engineers, and sales engineer. Be sure to head over to the careers page to learn more. We look forward to meeting you and building upon our foundation during the most exciting time in GameDriver’s young history! 

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