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Summer GameDriver update

Hey quality seekers! We just wanted to update you on some of the things we are working on for the future of GameDriver. This is the first time we have shared what's next, so we will preface this by saying anything shared here is subject to change and we make no guarantees when it will be delivered. If you've read any of our previous blog posts, you will understand when we say that "it will be released when it is ready". ;)

That out of the way, here's some of the latest capabilities we are working on.


macOS Support

Our initial release of GameDriver was built to support Unity projects built and tested on Windows. Soon, you will be able to automate your testing for projects built on and for macOS as well. The initial work has been done, and we're just ironing out the kinks before releasing this along with our Windows build.


iOS Simulator Support

As a first step towards true cross-platform test execution, we're working on adding iOS execution support. This will allow you to execute tests against your iOS game directly using the simulator. Physical iOS devices will not be supported at this time.



As we add more capabilities and approach our 1.0 release, look for additional documentation and blog posts demonstrating how to GameDriver for all your automated play testing needs.

Stay tuned!


The GameDriver Team

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