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GameDriver 2023.10 Changes Everything

We are thrilled to announce the GameDriver 2023.10 release, a significant leap forward in our quest to redefine the landscape of game development and test automation. This latest update is more than a minor release; it's an overhaul designed to empower developers like never before. From native Unreal Engine support to groundbreaking features for mixed and virtual reality, we're setting new industry standards.

Here are some of the highlights for this release:

Unreal Engine support for Mobile, Consoles, and XR

This release significantly broadens our platform support for the Unreal Engine. By offering a native port for the Unreal engine across a range of platforms such as mobile, consoles, and extended reality (XR) devices, GameDriver ensures that developers have a consistent, optimized, and seamless user experience. This means faster time-to-market and the opportunity to tap into a wider audience across various platforms.

This release includes support for Unreal Engine 4.27, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3.

Unity support for Nintendo Switch (GA)

With GameDriver extending its support to include Unity games on the Nintendo Switch system, developers can now effortlessly bring their creations to this popular gaming console. This support streamlines the automated testing process, enabling more games to be available on the Switch platform and potentially expanding a game's player base. GameDriver is also a Nintendo Switch Middleware Partner and can be found on the Nintendo Developer portal.

GameDriver SmartAgents

The introduction of a new embedded scripting engine allows testers to craft more complex behaviors and upload them to run directly within the engine. Smart Agents eliminate the need for developers to have to write additional code to facilitate complex test scenarios and gameplay loops. Multiple agents can be uploaded and scheduled to execute at runtime, enabling greater control and flexibility in testing.

HoloLens 2 support (MRTK)

By extending support for HoloLens 2 and its Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK), GameDriver empowers developers to venture into the realm of mixed reality. This is a significant value addition as mixed reality offers immersive experiences blending the real and virtual worlds, and having the right tools to develop for this platform can pave the way for groundbreaking games and applications.

Oculus VR (OVR) support

Virtual reality gaming is a continually evolving frontier, and Meta is at the forefront of this domain. By offering support for the Oculus VR API, GameDriver ensures that VR developers and testers have the tools they need to craft immersive and engaging experiences optimized for this platform.

Remote Explorer Beta

The Remote Explorer paves the way for testers to remotely access and interrogate game environments without requiring direct access to the source code. This means more flexibility in test development and maintenance, allowing for real-time test debugging and adjustments from virtually anywhere, which can significantly accelerate the game development lifecycle.


We believe that the future of game development lies in the tools that creators depend on to turn their visions into reality. With our cutting-edge automation solution, we're setting the pace for what is possible by saving you time and money, allowing you to deliver faster and with higher quality. So, whether you're developing the next chart-topping mobile or console game, an immersive VR experience, or a mixed-reality training simulator, GameDriver is your partner in innovation.

For more information on all of these features, visit To access the latest release, visit today.

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