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Building our Partner Ecosystem

We have been very busy at GameDriver lately with building out our partner ecosystem, and allows us to extend our reach in bringing cutting-edge tools and technology to the Gaming and XR industries. Recently, we announced our acceptance into the Nintendo Switch Middleware program, but that's not nearly all we have been up to. Below is a summary of recent Partner announcements and activities.


Our partnership with Kobiton was announced on September 21, 2023, before holding a joint webinar on Sept 28th where we highlighted the challenges of delivering high-quality Mobile Gaming experiences and the benefits of automated testing at scale. Kobiton is the first mobile device cloud vendor to build in native support for GameDriver tests, making it easier than ever to test across multiple platforms, device types, and versions than ever before. With their best-in-class framerates for mobile applications and optional hybrid deployment model, Kobiton offers a complete solution for testing any mobile application at scale. For more information on leveraging Kobiton as part of your automated mobile game testing strategy, contact us at


The team at KiwiQA has been delivering automated solutions to customers across industries, verticals, and geographies for more than 15 years. With offices in 3 continents, over 150 QA Professionals, over 8500 completed projects, and more than a dozen awards, the KiwiQA team is well positioned to help any organization take its Development and QA practices to the next level. For more information on how to begin your quality journey with help from KiwiQA, visit here.


The GlobalStep team is a titan in Game Development, QA, Localization, and Support with a portfolio of over 3,000 AAA titles to date. This partnership combines their industry expertise with our automated testing innovation. Together, we’re redefining gaming standards, ensuring that every game is not just a play but a peak experience. For more information on how GlobalStep can help you achieve your development and quality goals, visit their website here.



An extensive ecosystem is a critical part of our strategy, and we believe is key to the success of our customers and to the gaming and XR industries as a whole. If your company would be interested in becoming a GameDriver partner, visit today.

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