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Unreal Engine 4.27 Support now Generally Available

After a short Beta, we're pleased to announce that GameDriverTM for Unreal EngineTM 4.27 is now generally available! This release brings our Unreal support up to feature parity with the Unity version in terms of the Agent and API, as well as including the editor tools required for test authoring such as the editor plugins, HPath REPL, HPath Debugger, and our Recorder Tool for generating the initial test steps from user input. There are still a few feature gaps such as Mobile and XR support, although users can expect these to be available very soon, along with support for Unreal Engine 5.x versions.

If you would like to get your hands on the latest release, visit today. For getting started documentation, please visit our Support site.

As always, feel free to join the GameDriver-Users Slack workspace for the latest news and discussions.

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