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2023.04 Release

The latest release of GameDriver delivers on the promise of a consistent, simple, and robust test automation solution for the gaming industry by adding support for additional engines, platforms, and technologies. Our goal is to enable game developers and testers to release higher-quality games by reducing their dependency on manual testing, while increasing test coverage, consistency, and scalability.

Unity updates

Our support for Unity continues to mature, with best-in-class support for more platforms, input methods, and technologies. This release makes it easier to build and maintain automated tests for Unity games and applications than ever before.

We believe GameDriver for Unity is the most comprehensive test automation solution available today, which is why it is trusted by independent studios and Fortune 500 companies alike. To learn more, book a meeting with us today. 

Unreal Engine updates

Attention Unreal developers! The latest version of GameDriver provides powerful tools for building consistent, repeatable test automation such as our HierachyPath REPL, Debugger, and input Recorder.

  • Core feature parity for Unreal 4.27, 5.0, 5.1 including:
    • HierarchyPath query language
    • Recording Tool
    • HierarchyPath REPL
    • HierarchyPath Debugger
    • Editor plugins
  • VR Support (Beta)

We are fast approaching feature parity with GameDriver for Unreal Engine, and you can expect more exciting news here soon.

Godot updates

While GameDriver for Godot is still in Beta, we are working towards general availability with several important bug fixes and updates to bring the Godot version closer to feature parity. If you are interested in working with GameDriver for Godot, contact us today.

For more information on any of these features, visit our Support Site and API Documentation.

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