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GameDriver 2022.07 is now available!

Announcing the much-anticipated Summer release of GameDriver. This version includes groundbreaking features, time-saving tools, and support for additional platforms as well as a multitude of fixes and enhancements thanks to the feedback from our users. To get your hands on the latest version, visit

Here are some of the important features and fixes in this release.

  • XR Simulated Input
  • New Recording tool
  • New Input System commands
  • HPath REPL (Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop)
  • Various HierarchyPath (HPath) improvements and fixes
  • Updated KeyCode mappings
  • Improved agent stability
  • Unity 2021 LTS support
  • Apple Silicon support
  • Python Client (beta)
  • Get Started menu

XR Simulation support

Create tests for Input System devices, including XR (Oculus, OpenXR, etc...) which enables you to test XR applications. This will allow you to build tests as if the HMD is plugged in or as a standalone, but without the need to put on the headset. Simply register the devices you wish to include in your tests using our client API, then you can issue input commands to those devices, which will behave as a real user and device would. For more information on using the XR SImulated Inputs, visit the Support site.

New Recording Tool!

We’re excited to introduce the Recording Tool in the GameDriver Unity Editor plugin. With recording, you can capture inputs and interactions in the Unity editor, which can serve as the basis for your automated tests. This will streamline the test creation process, and allow you to focus on building comprehensive tests without having to hunt down the input methods to use, or object paths needed. The Recorder can be found under the GameDriver > Recorder menu.

HPath REPL (Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop)

The HPath REPL is a new tool introduced along with the Recording Tool and allows you to validate your HPath statements by showing how many objects will be matched from a given HPath as well as highlighting the object(s) in the Hierarchy. This will allow you to build performant queries, and uniquely identify objects in even the most complex scenes. The HPath REPL can be found under the GameDriver > HPath REPL menu.

REPL showing a single object:

REPL showing 7 objects found:

Updated Input System package support and new input commands

This release extends our Input System support with the addition of new input commands, such as Vector2InputEvent, Vector3InputEvent, QuaternionInputEvent, EulerToQuat(ernion), and additional overloads for the existing input methods to support Input System device/action mappings. Additional information on the use of these commands can be found in the API Documentation.

HPath improvements and fixes

There are a number of improvements to the HPath query language in this release. Support has been added for grandparent, sibling, and child node relationships, as well as resolving issues where the contains function was not behaving as intended. We have also enhanced the Object Explorer to be much more usable. The Object Explorer can be found in the GameDriver menu.

Updated KeyCode mappings

Fixed an issue where several key mappings were missing from the gdio.common.objects implementation, mainly from macOS.

Improved Agent stability

Fixed an issue where the agent would sometimes fail to listen for inbound connections after a test had failed or was stopped arbitrarily, forcing the user to restart their Unity editor.

Unity 2021 LTS support

This release officially supports the latest LTS version of the Unity editor.

Apple Silicon support

Additional support for the Apple Silicon version of the Unity editor is included in this release.

Python Client (beta)

You can now build tests using the Python client, which also includes a REPL to allow for interactive commands and queries to be run against a running project or build. This will also allow tests to be deployed to mobile devices in the AWS Device Farm. The Python client can be found on our GitHub.

Get Started menu

We've added a menu to help you find all of the important information you need for using GameDriver, as well as check the status of your license. This can be found under the GameDriver menu in the Unity editor.


Our goal is to provide all of the tools and capabilities necessary to build a comprehensive automated test suite for your video game, AR, or VR project. As always, please continue to leave any feedback or questions regarding GameDriver on our slack channel, or by emailing Valuable input from the community is what allows us to iterate effectively and help you make the best Immersive Experiences possible.

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