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We’re Exhibiting at Industrial Immersive Week 2022!

From August 29-31, 2022, you can find GameDriver at Industrial Immersive Week in Houston, Texas! We’ll be exhibiting in booth 313, where our team members will be happy to answer any questions around test automation, xR compliance needs, and any ways in which GameDriver can supplement or outright retool your QA pipeline. 

There are certain connotations that come with having the word “game” in your company’s name. So, why would GameDriver be attending an event focused on Enterprise xR advancements? Let’s get into a few reasons here, before diving deeper in Houston. 

Game Engine Development Needs Test Automation

Whether it’s an automotive or transportation use case, or VR training applications in other industries, xR development often takes advantage of the most widely available and trusted game engines. Unsurprisingly, test automation is far from commonplace in these contexts.

Unlike their web and app-based counterparts, QA teams in both gaming and xR disproportionately rely on manual testing. While other spaces have seen these practices in place for decades, products developed in game engines work their way through swaths of manual testers, who have historically had volatile working environments. This has led to countless examples of work crunch, and poorly received user experiences. 

In the case of Industrial or Enterprise Immersive Experiences, the stakes can be even higher. A product that suffers from poor QA practices can put lives at risk. Whether it’s VR training for an oil rig or military operations, a bug-filled product that yields insufficient results can be costly in more ways than one. 

That’s why we’re attending Industrial Immersive Week. We want to get to know more businesses that share the same processes game developers use, and discuss how test automation can create a positive ripple-effect across the entire xR creative process. 

Register for Industrial Immersive Week

If you’re looking to come to Industrial Immersive Week, take 25% off registration with our code “25OFFIMMERSIVE” at checkout. 

We have been working with companies in the Commercial-xR space since 2019, and have a great deal of expertise when it comes to building a consistent and comprehensive test automation pipeline. Get familiar with our latest release and see for yourself how GameDriver can help you improve your time-to-market, control costs, and increase quality for your Immersive applications. 

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