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August/September 2021 - version 2.0 updates

Hello again, IX testers!

Just a quick update to our recently announced 2.0 release. We have been hard at work to bring those "Preview" features to completion, as well as some additional bug fixes. Some highlights of this update include:

  • Collision Detection updates and fixes. More information on how to test Collision Detection can be found in the knowledge base.
  • Object Explorer now supports exporting Absolute and Relative HierarchyPath values. The Object Explorer can be found in the Unity Editor under Window > GameDriver > Object Explorer.
  • Additional type support within gdio.common.objects. See the API documentation for details.
  • Various fixes for IL2CPP support on Android, iOS, and Windows build targets.
  • Improved error messaging.
  • API Documentation fixes and updates.

Update 09-06-2021: Updated packages to include some additional fixes, as well as a static version of the API documentation (markdown viewer required). This build also includes:

  • New StopEditorPlay, ToggleEditorPause, and ToggleEditorPlay commands for controlling editor Play mode during and after tests.
  • ApiClient.Launch now returns a PID.
  • New ApiClient.TerminateGame command for terminating a standalone instance of the running build.

This minor release is available now in the Download area.


Thank you for choosing GameDriver!

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