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Coming soon...

Hi again, game quality enthusiasts!

We're nearing a major milestone in our release schedule and wanted to share some of the exciting features we will be adding to the upcoming version of GameDriver. Internally, this represents our version 2.0 release and a significant improvement over the previous versions. Some of the key features include:

  • Multi-host, multi-instance, and multi-threaded parallel testing
  • Android support (emulators and real devices)
  • Appium and BitBar integration
  • Refactored API for greater consistency, flexibility, and control
  • Additional APIs for Touch, Tap, GetObjectDistance, and more...
  • Native support for in-game execution of public and private methods
  • Native object type support when performing queries (such as int, bool, Vector3, string, etc...)
  • New object caching mechanism for reduced client chatter
  • Improved logging capabilities

This release is tentatively expected in the Spring 2021 timeframe, so very soon we will be making a Beta version available for those who are interested. Simply email for more information on the Beta availability or if you have questions regarding these features.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the upcoming version of GameDriver!

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