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Announcing our April 2020 release!

Hello fellow quality enthusiasts! We have a fresh new build of GameDriver out now that brings a whole bunch of new and asked for features. 

  • Support for MacOS

  • Multi-host execution

  • Stability and bug-fixes

  • More... (maybe mobile?)

GameDriver on macOS

Like many game developers, we're all Apple users. Not forgetting the PC Master Race, we too and have at least one home-built machine with an overpowered video card beside our desks, but our day-to-day computers tend to run macOS.

We've also been told that many of you prefer to develop on Apple too, so it only made sense for our first multi-platform release to add support for macOS to our existing Windows support.

The new version of GameDriver includes macOS support and the GameDriver Agent and API for Unity 2018.4 LTS and Unity 2019.x.


Multi-Host Support

As part of this release for macOS and Windows, we're adding multi-host support. This allows you to test from one host running the API to another running the Agent.

To get started, simply specify the target host using Api.WaitForGame("hostname or IP") at the start of your test.

Now for the fine print... we wanted to get this out the door as quickly as we could and start getting feedback. At this time, multi-host is only supported via the Unity IDE (not Visual Studio). 


Not the sexiest of subjects but it's important...

You asked, we listened. We've updated the installation and configuration documentation to be much more intuitive, flow more naturally, and not require you to make quite so many logical jumps. Automated playtesting shouldn't require studying an arcane text and we are going to continue to get better on this.

Oh yeah! The mobile thing...

We're working on the Alpha release for iOS right now, and looking for design partners. More information is to follow, but if you're building Unity apps for iOS and would like to participate, put down that Appium API description and contact us!

As always, we want to know how you're using GameDriver, where we can make it better, and what else you want to see.

Stay healthy, please stay safe, we'll be in touch again soon.

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